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Dump Trucks/Trailers

Offering the best in hydraulic and electric cover systems for all size dump trucks and trailers. From central hydraulic cover systems for municipal applications to electric/hydraulic systems for the construction industry.


Designed for a demanding industry, our roll off and hooklift cover systems are built durable and rugged. Heavy duty components and a simple design make our line of cover systems unrivaled in the tarping industry.


Airtabs™ are unique, Vortex Generators (VG) that have been specially designed for trucks. They work by creating a controlled swirl of air, or vortex, which actually reduces wind resistance (or aerodynamic drag). Aerodynamic drag has long been a target for fuel economy on trucks. Airtabs™ Dramatically reduce the 'fish tailing' on trailers and have made tremendous impact on the handing of double trailers in Australia and North America.

Twin Cover

ALC's patent pending Twin Cover utilizes two hydraulic cover systems to cover trailers up to 53'. Positive functioning of the hydraulics allows the operator to run the systems in any weather condition increasing output while decreasing driver exposure to compromising situations.

Manual Covers


Replacement tarps available for all makes and models of cover systems on the market today as well as lumber, steel, sheet rock and custom tarps for any application

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