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Airtabs™ for Trailers

The Problem is simply explained:
As a vehicle moves, air rushes into the space it left. This rush of air cannot happen smoothly, particularly at high speed. The result is turbulence which causes drag. It takes power and extra fuel to overcome that turbulence.


The answer is provided by aviation technology:
Constant research has discovered ways of improving efficiency, including the development of devices that create controlled swirls of air or vortices. Airtab™ is a unique Vortex Generator that is designed to apply this technology to tracters and trailers. Airtabs™ are a series of small, inexpensive plastic devices that are easily placed on the trailing edge of your tractor and trailer. As a result, tests have proven that Airtabs will deliver direct fuel savings from 2% to 12%.

Is the high cost of fuel effecting your business?
There is relief in sight.
Airtabs™ Proven Advantage
  • Fuel savings between 2% & 12%
  • Greater Vehicle Stability
  • Greater Driver Safety
  • Increased steering tire life by 25% to 40%
  • Reduces Water spray for better visibility
  • 0% Maintenance
  • Proven Payback on your overall investment 6-12 months.


Available For:
  • Tractors
  • Side Kits
  • Soft Side Trailers
  • Hard Side trailers
  • Utility Trailers


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